Microdots LSD


Microdots LSD


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What is LSD microdots? Buy LSD microdots – microdot acid

LSD Microdots in form of a pill. There is no mescaline in microdots. Mescaline is active in the 400mg range, a microdot doesn’t weigh more than 10mg. You’d be hard pressed putting any psychoactive into a microdot.

Microdots acid doses hits Microdot, sugar cubes, tabs, and trips. It is odourless and colourless and has a slightly bitter taste.

It can be obtained as a coloured tablet, clear liquid, or thin square of gelatin (microdots acid for sale) or on blotter paper

Types of LSD Microdots –

  • blue microdot acid
  • purple microdot acid

Buy purple microdot – purple microdot pills

purple lsd microdot are the most popular type available in the darknet. These drugs are taken orally and kept out of sun light and the reach of children.

LSD Microdots are swallowed, with doses of 30–70 µg (micrograms) being the typical dose of purple microdot lsd.

An LSD microdot trip can cause an altered sensory experience of all the senses, emotions, memories and the passage of time which can last from 6 to 12 hours( microdot lsd), depending on dosage and tolerance.



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